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Ph.D. Degree

The department offers Postgraduate Programmes at the Ph.D. level in different specializations of Computer Science. Apart from the general requirements of the University of Cyprus for the acquisition of Ph.D. degree, the Department expects Ph.D. candidates to publish their research results in the proceeding of international conference and possibly journals.

A Ph.D. programme comprise the completion of postgraduate courses amounting to at least 60 ECTS units (holding a relevants M.Sc. Degree may result in full or partial satisfaction of this requirement) success in a comprehensive examination, acceptance of a research proposal and, finally the submission of the original thesis which represents a substantial contribution to the relevant field of knowledge.

Each of the above requirements must be met within the time limits specified by the Regulations of Graduate Studies of the Department.

Admission to the Ph.D. programme requires high academic qualifications in Computer Science and the Departments ability to supervise the research topic that is of interest to the students.