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Master in Advanced Information Technologies (Professional)

The aim of the Professional Master in Advanced Information Technologies is to help Information Technology professionals to extend and update their knowledge in Advanced Computer Technologies and to acquire up-to-date know-how in subjects related to the national Information Technology industry like Software Engineering, the Internet, and Intelligent Systems.

The completion of the course requires 90* ECTS and the duration of studies must be at least four semesters. In particular:

  • 9 postgraduate courses of 8 ECTS, out of which 4 should be related to the programme´s scope (identified as such in the Table of Specialization Courses and in the course descriptions)
  • One postgraduate course of 4 ECTS (EPL 670 Research Methodologies and Professional Practices in Computer Science)
  • Master Thesis worth of 15 ECTS, which can be replaced with two extra postgraduate courses.

The needs of employees and professionals in the Information Technology industry will be considered during the scheduling of courses (afternoon and evening courses and three-hour meetings).

More information can be found in:

(*) Further to a decision of the DI.PA.E as each Master's degree program consists of at least 90 ECTS, at its 158th session, September 12, 2018, the Board of the Department of Computer Science discussed the revision of the total number of ECTS credits of the Postgraduate Master's Program in Advanced Information Technologies (Professional) from 75 at 90 ECTS and decided to modify the program as shown above. Pending approval by the Senate.